Rapper Eve is getting Hitched to Gumball 3000 Founder Maximillion Cooper in Spain

Eve is all set to get hitched with Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper in June at the Blue Marlin megaclub in Ibiza. The couple got engaged on Christmas Day after their three years of courtship period. Eve, whose full name is Eve Jihan Jeffers, revealed the engagement news on Instagram by posting a picture of her and her family, with a diamond ring on her left hand.

"Thanku 2 everybody 4 your congratulations on our engagement! We wanted to celebrate with our family and friends 1st b4 announcing", Eve posted to Twitter after US Weekly broke the news.

Endemol’s 'Host in a Box' Sold in Spain for First Time

For the first time, Host in the Box, the newest format from Endemol Germany, has been sold in Spain. The announcement came from Endemol, the world's largest independent production company, on Wednesday.

A first series of the factual entertainment show has been commissioned by Spanish broadcaster Cuatro, following the format's international launch at MIPTV 2014.

Endemol Spain has produced the show and a different host will be seen in each episode of this latest adaptation. Those hosts will be seen locked in a wooden box and sent to an undisclosed location within Spain.

Spain Probing into Alleged 1.5bn embezzlement of EU funds

The alleged embezzlement of nearly 2 billion euro of EU funds has led Spanish police to investigate the massive fraud. The funds in question were intended for retraining schemes for the unemployed people in Spain, but the investigators believe that money has been misused by officials for their own advantage.

Spanish police is investigating regional governors, trade unions leaders and employers' associations over the siphoning off funds worth 2 billion. The funds were destined to back-to-work training schemes.

Easter Rush boosts Confidence of Tourism Industry in Spain

The surge in tourism is Spain has begun to provide some sort of respite during the times of high unemployment rates in the country. Ever since the recession took its toll on Spain's economy in 2008, the Eden Mar hotel in the southeast beach resort of Guardamardel Segura has recorded full booking for the first time for the Easter weekend.

The current improvement in tourist arrivals has led the hotels to hire more people to withstand the need of providing services to increasing number of guests.

Researchers Discover Extended Part of Ancient Rome

A new section of the boundary wall of the river port of ancient Rome has been discovered by British researchers at Ostia, which proves that the city was much larger than previously expected. Researchers accidently discovered extended part of ancient Rome while on their survey an area between the port and another Roman port, Portus.

During ancient times, the landscape was known as the Isola Sacra, which was surrounded by a major canal to the north, the river Tiber to the east and south.

Europe Passes New Legislation to Stop Entry of Invasive Species

Entry of invasive species, muntjac deer and Japanese knotweed, in Europe is costing Europe an estimated amount of _12 billion a year. Jaimie Dick, Prof. from Queen's University Belfast, is requesting EU government to assign long-term investment in a European-wide strategy to avoid entry of such species.

A new legislation to stem the spread of invasive species across the continent has been approved by the European Parliament. The government declared to have ban on the possession, transport, selling or growing of species deemed as of 'Union Concern'.

Bank of Spain Denies Plans of Stress Test

In a recent update, it has been unveiled that the Bank of Spain has no immediate plans to subject Spanish lenders to stress test. A spokesman at the central bank said there is no pre-test.

It was earlier said that the central bank would be carrying out stress test ahead of Europe-wide health checks for the financial majors. It was said that the Bank of Spain would be carrying out preliminary studies on 16 banks with an aim to prepare the lenders for the health checks of the industry in Europe later this year.

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