Spain has Highest Rate of Organ Donors in World

Though economic crisis has led Spain to suffer many cutbacks, there is one area where Spain remains unaffected and that is organ donation and transplantation.

Setting an example of solidarity for the rest of world, Spain has the highest rate of organ donors in the world. Last year, 1,655 people in Spain donated their organs and the number was higher than Europe Union, the United States and four times higher of the Latin America.

Illegal Migrant Desperate to Enter Europe via Spanish Border

Ibrahim is among many others from his country living in the Moroccan mountain, Gourougou. The 18-year-old boy does not think too much about his safety while climbing trees of 20 feet to get firewood for the camp he lives in. Evers since he left his native Ivory Coast three years ago, he has come across many life-threatening situations.

Spanish city of Melilla is not too far away from there. And the Spanish city is what all Africans living on the Moroccan mountain, Gourougou, dream of.

Spain Probing into Alleged 1.5bn embezzlement of EU funds

The alleged embezzlement of nearly 2 billion euro of EU funds has led Spanish police to investigate the massive fraud. The funds in question were intended for retraining schemes for the unemployed people in Spain, but the investigators believe that money has been misused by officials for their own advantage.

Spanish police is investigating regional governors, trade unions leaders and employers' associations over the siphoning off funds worth 2 billion. The funds were destined to back-to-work training schemes.

Europe Passes New Legislation to Stop Entry of Invasive Species

Entry of invasive species, muntjac deer and Japanese knotweed, in Europe is costing Europe an estimated amount of _12 billion a year. Jaimie Dick, Prof. from Queen's University Belfast, is requesting EU government to assign long-term investment in a European-wide strategy to avoid entry of such species.

A new legislation to stem the spread of invasive species across the continent has been approved by the European Parliament. The government declared to have ban on the possession, transport, selling or growing of species deemed as of 'Union Concern'.

Bank of Spain Denies Plans of Stress Test

In a recent update, it has been unveiled that the Bank of Spain has no immediate plans to subject Spanish lenders to stress test. A spokesman at the central bank said there is no pre-test.

It was earlier said that the central bank would be carrying out stress test ahead of Europe-wide health checks for the financial majors. It was said that the Bank of Spain would be carrying out preliminary studies on 16 banks with an aim to prepare the lenders for the health checks of the industry in Europe later this year.

Successful Launch of ESA’s First Earth Monitoring Satellite, Sentinel-1A

First satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) multibillion-euro Copernicus Earth observation project has been launched on Thursday to map every place of earth from space. Sentinel-1A has been launched to monitor sea ice, oil spills, land use and land surface so as to respond to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes and other catastrophes.

Spain’s Anti-Abortion Law toughest in Europe: Frayer

NPR's Lauren Frayer referred the new abortion law in Spain as the toughest one in Europe. She said in Thursday's morning edition that it is the conservative ideology of the ruling party to propose an abortion law that only allows abortion to rape victims or mothers whose life are at risk because of pregnancy.

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