Spanish Shepherds Participate in Transhumance Event

Recently, a transhumance event took place in Spain that bewildered many tourists and passengers on the road. The event took place in the capital of Spain. During the event, Spanish shepherds made their way to the roads with thousands of sheep. The event was organized in oppose to urban sprawl and in defense of ancient grazing, migration and droving rights.

About 2,000 sheep were seen crossing the central Madrid. The traffic at roads was hindered by the sheep. The event takes place every year. Handful of shepherds takes part in the event. The event has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

It is believed that modernization has limited the involvement of animals in agriculture. Shepherding proves costlier to the farmers. However, the centuries-old sheep rearing event is quite popular in Spain.

The event was first organized in 1994. Since then the shepherds have been promoting the event. Through the event, the shepherds promote the age old culture of migration in which 78,000 miles are covered by the Shepherds for seasonal livestock migrations. During this event, the livestock are migrated from highland pastures in summer to warmer grazing in winter.