Novartis Flu Vaccination Banned in Six Countries Amid Safety Concerns

Following detection of small particles in flu vaccination batches of Agrippal and Fluad, initially Switzerland, Austria and Italy raised concerns and proposed to ban the vaccinations manufactured by Novartis. Recent reports suggest that even France, Germany and Spain have backed the proposal.

France Health Minister Marisol Touraine recalled all Agrippal vaccinations from the market. However, at the same time she notified that none of the patients subjected to the vaccination pose any risk.

While on the other hand, even Germany has followed the footsteps of France and stated that it will be calling off four batches of Agrippal and also a batch of Fluad vaccine will be recalled.

Similar to France, even Germany's Paul Ehrlich Institute, the vaccines division of the Ministry of Health, affirmed that although there have been no reports regarding any negative impact of the vaccines in patients using it, it is better to ban them amid safety concerns.

Professor Klaus Cichutek, President of the Institute, said: "In the interests of risk management and the safety of consumers, it is necessary to withdraw approval for certain batches of vaccines, as particles have been found in the vaccines".

Prof Cichutek claimed that there are high possibilities that the vaccinations might cause severe side-effects, which cannot be ignored.