Queen of Spain to Sue Dating Site over Using Her Image in Offensive Way

Queen Sofia of Spain has claimed that she will be legally challenging Canadian company for making use of her image in an advertisement without her permission.

She asserted that Ashley Madison has breached her dignity and respect in an ad, which includes an imaginary photo-mosaic of her wrapped around a man, who is naked up to his waist. The advertisement features a note, which states `you no longer will have to spend the night alone'.

It is being suspected that the ad is associated with accusations highlighted in recent biography called The Solitude of the Queen, which lays emphasis on the married relation shared by the Queen with King Juan Carlos.

It has been reported that a private civil action will be taken against the company. On the other hand, Spanish advertising standards body Autocontrol, has solely condemned the act and has ordered the company to remove the ad from its website.

However, the company has not responded. The advertisement was introduced in the month of February. The company, which is a dating site for married people, was introduced to the Spanish market last year, while it indirectly mentioned of the extramarital affairs of famous personalities, including King Juan Carlos, Prince Charles and Bill Clinton.