Chinese electric motorcycle maker Evoke Motorcycles to set up shops in Spain

Chinese electric motorcycle maker Evoke Motorcycles to set up shops in Spain

Evoke Motorcycles, Chinese manufacturer of smart electric motorcycles headquartered in Beijing, has confirmed that it has partnered up with Grupo Moto Ibérica to set up shops in Spain sometime in or around the final quarter of the current year.

The Chinese manufacturer has plans to open the first shop after the turn of the summer, most probably in October or November this year. The first shop will be opened in Madrid, with the rest of Spain following shortly after.

Evoke announced the plans to open shops in Spain around a year after the company unveiled performance-oriented electric motorcycle, dubbed the 6061. Introduced to the world in August 2020, the Evoke 6061 EV claims to be a powerful electric two-wheeler with the ability to deliver incredible performance and range. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the Evoke 6061’s system produces 160 horsepower (hp) and delivers a range of 470 kilometers on a single full charge.

The electric two-wheeler is also quite fast in terms of charging. It can charge from zero to 80 per cent in merely 15 minutes. However, it may not be pocket-friendly for a lot of potential buyers as it comes with a hefty price tag of €26,000 roughly (US$30,600).

It is the incredible performance and range of the Evoke 6061 that gave the popularity that it currently enjoys. However, the Chinese manufacturer also offers a series of more approachable as well as budget-oriented electric two-wheelers.

Apart from the 6061, the company’s range of electric bikes includes the Urban Classic and Urban S, which can be described as middleweight electric bikes designed specifically to appeal to the younger, on-the-go urban commuters.

The Urban Classic and Urban S are more affordable than the Evoke 6061. Priced at €9,480 (US$11,100), the Urban S also comes equipped with a 19-kW electric motor with the same ability to produce 25 hp and offering a total range of 250 km between charges.

The Urban Classic comes with a price tag of €9,980 (US$11,700), and it has a 19-kW electric motor that produces 25 hp and offers an impressive range of 250 km on a single charge. It looks slightly different from the Urban S, thanks to its round, retro-inspired headlight. Its built-in fast charger allows its battery to get recharged up to 80 per cent in just around one hour.