Garelli rolls out new electric scooter Ciclone E4 with more power

Garelli rolls out new electric scooter Ciclone E4 with more power

Pushing ahead with its electrification plans, Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Garelli has announced the release of a new electric scooter (e-scooter) that promises to offer an unparalleled blend of more power, comfort and style.

Founded by Adalberto Garelli in 1919, Garelli widely popularized scooters and motorcycles, especially in wake of Second World War. In the 1980s, the brand went on dominating the 125cc MotoGP category with its legendary racers like Angel Nieto and Fausto Grasini. But, adverse business conditions unfortunately forced the manufacturer to suspend all operations and shutdown in 1987. But in 2018, it was acquired and revived with a lineup of fully electric scooters and bicycles. Now, this iconic manufacturer is ramping up its flagship e-scooter with a larger motor, and the resultant product is the Ciclone E4.

The Garelli Ciclone E4 e-scooter comes equipped with a larger motor and a number of electronic equipments to make sure that the rider gets smoother ride than a traditional fossil fuel-powered scooter. The manufacturer revealed that the Ciclone E4 has a Bosch motor accompanied by a 35 Ah lithium-ion battery that offers a range of 75 miles per full charge and a top speed of 28 miles per hour.

The E4 designation of the e-scooter suggests that the new vehicle comes equipped with a 4kW, 160 nm wheel hub motor. While it is powerful enough to offer a top speed of 43 mph, the manufacturer has restricted the speed to 22-28 miles per hour with two additional power modes. Driving the e-scooter in slow mode offers a range of up to 68 miles, while driving it in the faster mode delivers a range of 62 miles.

Range anxiety is one of the biggest hurdles that continue to discourage potential buyers from shifting from conventional internal combustion engines to electric mobility solutions. Thus, battery and its charging time play a key role in the adoption rate of an EV. The lithium-ion battery of the new Garelli EV takes 6 to 8 hours on a typical outlet to get fully recharged. However, using a rapid charging outlet can trim down the charging time to just 45 minutes, which is quite impressive. Moreover, the 28-pound battery is removable. Thus, the owner can easily take out the battery to charge it somewhere else if the charging point is not available near the EV. The 178-pound e-scooter’s aluminum tubular frame, USB fork, powerful braking system, and 13-inch wheels are some of its other striking features.

Garelli has made the Ciclone E4 available in three trims, with price tags starting at €4,500 (roughly US$5,300).