Italian motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi enters e-bike business with VR46 MTB range

Italian motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi enters e-bike business with VR46 MTB range

Italian professional motorcycle road racer Valentino Rossi has confirmed that his VR46 brand is going to expand its portfolio with an upcoming electric bicycle (e-bike) range in partnership with electric personal mobility specialist MT Distribution.

Rossi’s VR46 brand is being used for a wide array of products, ranging from polo shirts to underwear, and from AGV helmet collaborations to Dainese collections. The aforementioned confirmation from the world-famous racer means that the brand is going expand its portfolio further.

The VR46 e-MTB e-bike will be developed in collaboration with e-mobility specialist MT Distribution, and it will come in a Premium and Limited Edition trim.

Carlo Alberto Tebaldi, chief executive of VR46, explained that the brand wanted to expand its portfolio by entering the arena of cycling, especially in the off-road sector, for a long time.

Speaking on the topic, Tebaldi said, “In VR46 Racing Apparel we have already embarked on an evolutionary path for some time that will see the birth of projects that have as their objective the creation of performance-oriented products. It had been a long time that we wanted to expand our offer and enter the world of cycling, especially in the off-road sector.”

The VR46 e-bike will be a limited edition personal mobility solution, featuring a wireless gearbox and carbon components. MT Distribution has plans to produce only 46 units of the e-bike and each of them will come with a certificate of authenticity duly signed by Rossi, the nine-time world champion.

The reported technical specs of the Limited Edition e-bike are also quite impressive. According to available information, the bike will run on a 29-inch front wheel and 27.5-inch rear wheel. The rear wheel will be wrapped on a 35mm inner rim, while the front wheel will have 30mm inner rim. The tires will be supplied by Pirelli Scorpion. The suspension system will include a 160 mm fork and a 205/67.5mm shock absorber, which will ensure smooth ride even on uneven paths.

The battery will come installed inside the bottom portion of the e-bike’s frame. The battery’s position will lower the center of gravity as well as boost rigidity of the frame. The electric motor will be provided by Bosch. Without releasing full technical details, the VR46 brand has announced the list of technical partners, which includes Bosch, Pirelli, Ohlins, Technomousse, Ochain, Sram/Rock Shox, and Fulcrum.

Full technical specs, pricing, and availability of the Premium and Limited Edition MTBs will be announced at EICMA 2021, which is scheduled to take place in Milan in November this year.