Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey announce holiday rules

Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey announce holiday rules

Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus have announced rules for tourists after planning to ease lockdowns in many regions. The strict rules for tourists will apply in order to reduce the risk of infections and holiday resorts have been given instructions to maintain safe distance and offer more space to working staff.

Tourism industry is desperate to get back to business but coronavirus pandemic will impact tourism and airlines the most. Countries heavily dependent on tourism have already lost billions in revenue and the local governments want to open the economies in order to reduce the economic impact of coronavirus pandemic. People associated with tourism industry are ready to follow the rules but they want to start working again.

The ‘new normal’ will be difficult for many people and it will be seen with time how long tourism will need for revival. Restaurants, hotels, tourist services, transport services, cruises and aviation industry have suffered a major blow during lockdowns announced to contain coronavirus. Airlines have announced job cuts amid economic chaos. Major European airlines have also asked their respective governments to offer bailout packages.

Spain has seen the highest number of infections in Europe and the second highest number of deaths in Europe. Spanish government has pledged support for industry but Spain is already facing tough fiscal discipline forced by its partners in European Union.